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Book trailers are an engaging and fun new way for authors to spread the word about their books. A book trailer can draw in new readers and give them a better idea what your book is about. Book trailers are an especially useful tool for authors who already have an online presence and want to add content to their websites or social media pages. With a background in video editing and production, our Digital & Social Media Specialist, Matt Lehman, will work with you to bring your book to life in the form of a 60- to 90-second video that you can then share with your online followers. We will use beautiful high quality images, engaging music and text to convey the mood and themes of your book.
$599 – Member Price
$699 – Non-Member Price
To find out more about our book trailer service, contact Matt Lehman via email:
[email protected]

Please note: We will only show a maximum of ten trailers per show. We reserve the right to screen any trailers produced outside of CBE. All non-CBE produced trailers will be displayed at our discretion.



Larry Correia, Author


Much better than other book trailers I’ve seen. The music is great, and the pictures are set to the music very well.

Toni Weisskopf, Publisher Baen Books


Excellent job at capturing the essence of the book in a New York Minute,. Very creative and responsive people to work with.

Corinda Carfora, Director of Marketing, Baen Books

Keely Brooke Keith

Combined Book Exhibit created a beautiful and gripping trailer for my novel The Land Uncharted. As soon as I posted the trailer online, my readers, supporters, and friends began to share it and sales of The Land Uncharted immediately increased. Video captures attention, especially on social media. Book trailers are an excellent marketing tool and I highly recommend the video services of Combined Book Exhibit.

Keely Brooke Keith, author of The Uncharted Series.

Christina Yother

I could not be more pleased with the book trailer The Combined Book Exhibit created for my novel, Reconcile! Not only is it beautiful, but it also perfectly captures the essence of the book through the graphics, flow, and music. I’m excited to premiere the trailer to my readers. Combined Book Exhibit made the process simple and easy and the result is an amazing video I can use in marketing and beyond.

Christina Yother, author of The Hollow Hearts Series

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